We have added Extensionless urls, you can now remove .html extension from your urls

Great news, we have just published today a new option to remove .html extension from urls!

To activate it:
1) Go to your dashboard > project settings > Optimizations
2) there check the checkbox: Remove .html extension for indexing, Canonical URL and Sitemap will be generated without .html extension.

From that point, your website will accept url with or without the .html extension, but the canonical url (the url really indexed by search engines, others are ignored because different from the canonical url) will be the one without .html

3) Finally, open the pagebuilder, double click on your menu in the header, and in the customize menu brush, check the checkbox "Remove .html extension from links"

You are done, your site pages will be served and indexed without .html extension :)
Thomas Simons
2020-02-20 08:23:21